Budget Your Time?

Redbookmag.com has a nice short article by Christina Breda Antoniades on making a “time budget”.  During my years as a Congressional Aide, time was my most valuable asset.  There was never enough of it and it’s misuse was very expense – late night work catch-up and work all weekend. Now, Continue reading “Budget Your Time?” »

Woman In White – Book Review

Woman In White    By Wilkie Collins Published by Bandon/Dell  2008 Reissue First Published 1860 ISBN 978-0-553-90466-6   I kept asking myself  “Why is this a classic”?  Because the way it’s written, there’s something for everyone. The fairytale love story of Walter & Laura; The sisterhood and Marians love for Laura; Continue reading “Woman In White – Book Review” »

Paul Bowmar – He Made A Difference

In 2006 I started attending Escalante City Council meetings because of our need to get permits to modify our commercial building we had purchased.  In March there was a public meeting about the Escalante Health Clinic and its unusable condition because of a fire the previous August.  I offered to Continue reading “Paul Bowmar – He Made A Difference” »